Simple OGC WMS Client

This script demonstrates a very simple client application for OGC's Web Mapping Services. Each WMS service renders an image that represents a specific portion of a geographic map. By overlaying the images, it is possible to create simple dynamic maps with content retrieved from a number of different sources. For example, the image below is constructed from three WMS layers, one showing a true color view of the planet, another showing country boundaries, and the third showing the location of some bird specimens (Genus starting with A) from the KU bird collection served by a DiGIR provider.

The image is dynamic. Clicking on it will zoom in. Shift-click will center on the point clicked. Ctrl-click will zoom out.

Examine the source of this page to determine how you might insert a map in your pages.

An excellent example of a WMS server application is MapServer from the University of Minnesota.

If you find this software useful and would like to use it as is or in a modified state, please send a brief description of your project to the author to help justify the continued development of open source software.

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Last Edited: 24-June-2003
by: Dave Vieglais